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Specializing in crushed stone, aggregate, sand & gravel, asphalt, landfill, and other bulk materials, discover the time and money saving benefits of Fast-Weigh Truck Scale Software... large or small scale management systems.

Fast-Weigh also develops scale automation and unattended systems utilizing RFID, mag stripe, video capturing, gate controllers, and other technologies.

Please see note below and visit or call (865)219-2980 for more information about Fast-Weigh.


In 2014, Fast-Weigh Inc. merged with TAC Insight, LLC and took over development and support of Fast-weigh truck scale software. The newest Fast-Weigh Version 5 maintains the same user-friendly interface and customizable scale settings while incorporating a new cloud based web portal and mobile application to allow you and your customers to track production data from any web browser or smartphone. Other products from TAC are designed to integrate with the new Fast-Weigh to simplify your operations, including hauling or and proof-of-delivery, and they can be found at our website For current customers, TAC Insight will continue to provide support for earlier versions as well as an opportunity to upgrade to Fast-Weigh Version 5.


More than just truck scale software, Fast-Weigh specializes in industrial application development. Our team members have extensive experience in hardware and industrial device integration enabling us to provide custom tailored solutions for a variety of industries. Some of our projects include inventory management and distribution, large and small scale disaster recovery, and automated vehicle access systems. Contact us to see how Fast-Weigh can help you develop a custom solution to fit your needs.

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Fast-Weigh truck scale software is certified by the National Conference Of Weights And Measures: National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) certificate number 03-058 to comply with the state of California and national requirements.

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